Document: H. Bavinck, “Calvin & Common Grace.” The Princeton Theological Review, Vol. 7 No. 3, Translated by Geerhardus Vos (1909), 437-465.

Excerpt: Christianity has from the beginning laid claim to be the one true religion. Already in the Old Testament the consciousness exists that Jehovah alone is Elohim and that the gods of the heathen are things of naught and vanity; and in the New Testament the Father of Jesus Christ is the only true God, whom the Son reveals and declares, and access to whom and communion with whom the Son alone can mediate. This conviction of the absoluteness of the Christian religion has entered so deeply into the consciousness of the Church that the whole history of Christian doctrine may be viewed as one great struggle for upholding it over against all sorts of opposition and denial. For the life of the Church as well as for every individual man the fundamental question is: What think ye of the Christ?

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Calvin & Common Grace – H. Bavinck

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Calvin & Common Grace – H. Bavinck.pdf

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