Document: Harry Antonides, Multinationals and the Peaceable Kingdom (Toronto/Vancouver: Clarke, Irwin & Company Limited, 1978).

Excerpt: Far too few wish to be reminded today of first principles, that the matrix of our society grows out of the moral parameters of biblical religion – however differently they have been coloured, repackaged and attenuated in secular doctrine. Freedom, equality and community are the values with which we have been indelibly imprinted in the definition of what it is to be a Western society. Antonides takes us back to the moral origins of our community.
For anyone who has ever taken part in the battle to preserve something of a meaningful social structure in Canada, who has tried to live up to the promise of our history, there is no lack of awareness of how great the odds are against winning such a battle. There is no more timely moment to listen closely than now.

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