Document: F. van Deursen, Opening the Scriptures: Psalms (I): A Selection of Covenant Songs, trans. by Nelson D. Kloosterman (Grand Rapids, MI.: Christian’s Library Press, 2013).

Excerpt: A few pages introduce the book of Psalms, as it were, something one can view as a combination of what we call a table of contents and an introduction. With this we are referring to Psalm 1 and Psalm 2. In the first place those psalms tell you what the main theme of the upcoming Bible book is: God’s people living with the Torah (Psalm 1), under the dominion of Yahweh and his anointed (Psalm 2). In the second place they instruct you about what kind of faith the Psalms proceed from, namely, that a person who lives with the Torah is to be congratulated because Yahweh knows the way of the righteous (Psalm 1). In short, in the face of everything, Yahweh stands on the side of the righteous and his kingdom will come!

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