Document: Egbert Schuurman, Christians in Babel (Jordan Station, ON.: Paideia Press, 1987).

Excerpt: This book calls attention to our culture’s advances in science and technology. I plan to focus on the problems and threats which accompany this development, problems engendered by phenomena such as nuclear energy, nuclear weapons, computer technology, unemployment. bio-technology, genetic manipulation, environmental pollution. the depletion of natural resources and energy sources, the legalization of abortion, and the demand for world government. Analysis of these developments and their spiritual background reveals that we no longer live in a Christian culture. There is a startling correlation between the development of science and technology on the one hand and the process of de-Christianization on the other. To understand this correlation, we must evaluate both the development of science and technology and the spiritual forces behind this development in the light of biblical prophecy concerning the end of time. The closer we come to the day of Christ’s return, the more we are able, through faith, to see the approaching Kingdom of God. The light of biblical prophecy shows how the development of culture will bring enormous scientific and technical accomplishments which will, ironically, bring about the decline and doom of culture.

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