Document: John Bolt, ed., Orthodoxy and Orthopraxis in the Reformed Community Today (Jordan Station, ON.: Paideia Press, 1986).

Excerpt: With the exception of the first introductory essay on polarization, the essays in this volume were presented at a conference on “Orthodoxy and Orthopraxis,” held at Redeemer College, Hamilton, Ontario on May 30-June 1, 1985. The conference was called to explore the problem of polarization in the Christian Reformed community, to come to greater clarity on the reasons for polarization and to promote healing by providing a forum for dialogue and discussion. The theme “Orthodoxy and Orthopraxis” was chosen
because it was believed by the organizers that fundamental differences in understanding the relationship between doctrine and life, faith and works, theology and ethics, are key contributing factors to polarization in the Reformed community. The discussions at the conference and the essays in this volume bear that out. There are important differences among us, not only on important doctrinal issues, but also on the significant question
about the relative importance of true doctrine (orthodoxy) and true or right moral and social action (orthopraxis).

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