Document: Herman Bavinck, “Recent Dogmatic Thought in the Netherlands”. The Presbyterian and Reformed Review, III (1892), 209-228.

Excerpt: Dutch theology during the present century has been subject to various influences. Its character has been molded in turn not only by Calvinism, which has always continued to live among the people, but also by the Swiss Reveil; both by the German Vermittelungstheologie and by Greek philosophy. Nevertheless – and perhaps partly owing to this very fact – Dutch theology has a character of its own, and a history distinguished in many respects from that in other countries. A careful study of it will not fail to reveal the momentous struggle of deepest principles. The contest between belief and unbelief, between the gospel and revolution, is the controlling factor in its history; and from theology this contest has been carried into the spheres of the Church and the schools of politics and of society.

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