Document: Herman Bavinck, “The Future of Calvinism”. The Presbyterian and Reformed Review, V (1894), 1-24.

Excerpt: The year 1892 was a year of great importance for the Reformed Churches of the Netherlands. Two influential groups of Churches, both originating in a secession from the Established Church, the one in 1834, the other in 1886, were, after long negotiations, brought together, and in June of that year held their “First General Synod of the Reformed Churches in the Netherlands.” It was something unforeseen and unexpected. Both groups, to be sure, were one in their confession and form of government, and both shared the conviction that a Reformed Christian was in duty bound to his Bible and his confession to break with the Established Church. Still, concerning “the method of reformation,” i.e., the manner in which this breach ought to be brought about, there existed an appreciable difference of opinion.

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