Document: Cornelis Vonk, Opening the Scriptures: Leviticus I, trans. by Nelson D. Kloosterman (Jordan Station, ON.: Reformational Digital Library, 2019).

Excerpt: If the Pentateuch is a necklace with five sparkling jewels, then Leviticus is the carnelian. It is as red as a carnelian because of so much blood, so much that the book overflows with blood. For in this book we hear more about that foundation of the (Israelite) world that we discussed in the closing pages of our commentary on Exodus. Here we will learn more about the basis upon which Israelite society was established by God. The first stone of that foundation was laid with the announcement of the Ten Words of the Covenant from mount Sinai. The next action was the erection of the tabernacle as the palace of Israel’s King among his people at Horeb. That was what Exodus was about. Leviticus talks about the ministry with which this people were to please their God with and around that palace, that sanctuary. A ministry of blood. Daily, weekly, annually.

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