Document: S.G. De Graaf, Promise and Deliverance, Vol. 4: Christ and the Nations, trans. by H. Evan Runner (St. Catharines, ON.: Paideia Press, 1981).

Excerpt: The Word is the eternal Son of God, and as such He gives us God’s communion. By Him the world was made. Thus the whole world was made to serve that communion between God and man, a communion established by the Word. This communion, which was present in the covenant of God’s favor, was broken by the Fall but was restored by the eternal Word in the covenant of grace. Thus the Word was life because life is nothing other than living in communion with God. This life is also the light of men. It has been shining from the beginning for there was a continuous revelation of the Word of communion. That light shone in the darkness and the darkness did not overpower it. In the covenant of God’s favor before the Fall, the communion between God and man  depended both on the eternal Word and on Adam. In the covenant of grace after the Fall, however, the eternal Word, the Son of God, took it upon Himself to become Adam Himself, the second Adam. That happened when the Word became flesh. Now the communion between God and man depends solely on the Word which became flesh.

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