Document: Herman Dooyeweerd, “Introduction to a Transcendental Criticism of Philosophic Thoughts” (nd.)

Excerpt: The subject which I have chosen for my lecture gives me the opportunity, of informing you of the fundamental characteristics of the new philosophy which has been developed during the last twenty years at the Free University of Amsterdam, and which has come to be known as “The Philosophy of the Idea of Law”. What is the meaning of this Philosophy? It is a fact generally known that the student who sets himself to study the history of Philosophy finds himself much embarrassed and even disappointed because he must observe profound disagreement between the different schools even with regard to the most fundamental principles of philosophy. In this situation the most embarrassing point is that the different schools, so far at least as they maintain the scientific character of philosophy, profess all alike to be founded solely on purely theoretical and scientific principles; in other words, that they are all adherents of’
the so-called autonomy of reason.

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