Document: Herman Dooyeweerd, Reconstruction and Reformation, eds., John N. Kraay and Bernard Zylstra (nd.)

Excerpt: This provisional publication presents the first half of a series of articles issued by the Christian philosopher Herman Dooyeweerd in the years 1945-1948 in Nieuw Nederland, a Dutch periodical of which the author was editor-in-chief. Dooyeweerd, born in 1894, was professor of legal and political philosophy at the Free University of Amsterdam from 1926-1965, when he retired. He is one of the founders, with D.H.Th. Vollenhoven, of the Christian philosophical movement known as the Philosophy of the Cosmonomic Idea. This philosophy, one of the most significant endeavors in the twentieth century relating the Scriptural sources of the Christian faith to theoretical reflection, is not readily accessible to the student in the English-speaking world at an introductory level. Dooyeweerd’s American lectures of 1958, published in In the Twilight of Western Thought, are too limited in scope to serve as a steppingstone to his four-volume A New Critique of Theoretical Thought. The republication of the present series of articles, written for a wide audience at a time of intense spiritual debate in Western Europe immediately after the Second World War, will hopefully serve to introduce many to Dooyeweerd’s thought.

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