Document: Bob Goudzwaard, Economic Stewardship Versus Capitalist Religion (n.d).

Excerpt: The following pages contain an edited version of lectures presented by Dr. B. Goudzwaard at an economics and politics seminar sponsored by the Institute for Christian Studies in the summer of 1972. Dr. Goudzwaard has served for several years as research secretary of the Anti-Revolutionary Party, Holland’s oldest political party, and later as a member of the Dutch Parliament. In 1971 he was appointed as professor of economic theory in the department of social studies at the Free University in Amsterdam. A Christian Political Option is an English revision of one of his many publications in economic theory and political practice.

It should be emphasized that the lectures were presented from a skeletal outline. What is made available here has been compiled from tapes and lecture notes. We are grateful to Dr. Goudzwaard for permission to give this material a wider distribution.

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