Document: Guillaume Groen van Prinsterer, Selected Studies (Toronto: Wedge Publishing, 1990).

Excerpt: The lectures and essays contained in this book will serve, in a modest way, to meet a need that exists for English-language information about the life and work of the nineteenth-century Dutch historian and statesman Guillaume Groen van Prinsterer (1801-1876). While a very great deal has been written about various aspects of Groen’s legacy in the language of his native Holland, little material is available about him in English. Just a few of his own key writings were done in French, but even their existence is of negligible help in the current lingual environment. To enhance the usefulness of Miss Van Essen’s studies to English readers not specialized in Dutch and European affairs, translator’s notes providing additional background information have been supplied together with an index. The studies presented in this volume focus mainly on Groen’s work in the fields of education and history. Light is shed only incidentally on his work in the fields of constitutional law, parliamentary politics, the church, Christian journalism, and the classics.

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