Document: Herman Dooyeweerd, The Analogical Concepts, trans. Robert D. Knudsen (n.d.).

Excerpt: The subject before us concerns a problem that as yet has been largely ignored but which involves nevertheless the foundations of all the special sciences without exception. I refer to the nature and the mutual interrelationship of the elementary basic concepts which the various special sciences employ without giving an account of their peculiar meaning and mutual connections. At first sight these fundamental concepts do not appear to be bound to the particular aspects of human experience in terms of which the fields of investigation of the various special sciences are in principle distinguished from each other. They appear to transcend those boundaries and in a clear fashion to give expression to the unity of science above all the variety of points of view under which the particular sciences view empirical reality. Closer scrutiny teaches us, however, that in the various branches of science there is no such thing as an unambiguous employment of these basic concepts.

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