Document: Abraham Kuyper, Christianity & the Class Struggle, trans. Dirk Jellema (Grand Rapids, MI.: Piet Hein Publishers, 1950).

Excerpt: The question of how human beings are to live together in the proper use of the goods the Creator placed in this world, has always been and is today one of greatest importance. Men must eat and be clothed and protected against the elements and develop their lives. They must work and trade and co-operate. How this is to be done is a matter of perennial interest and constant struggle. Experience indicates that men continually tend to divide into two camps, of a minority controlling most of the goods and of a majority having little or nothing, and depending on the first. Incessantly this leads to ill feeling, conflicts, upheavals, misery, and distress. Christianity teaches that mankind is really one family, made from one blood and created in the image of God, that all should work together to satisfy common needs, in common obedience to the ordinances of Him who created all and controls all. This provides the only acceptable basis on which social problems can be really solved. That is in essence also the social philosophy of us Calvinists in America.

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