Document: Abraham Kuyper, The Biblical Doctrine of Election (Grand Rapids, MI.: Zondervan Publishing House, 1934).

Excerpt: In presenting that threefold subject: “The Holy Catholic Church: its Fellowship and Life” the 21st Lord’s Day, quoting in part Art. 27 of the Belgic Confession, includes the Eternal Election. That subject is in its proper place here. Speaking of the church confessionally, we must not only refer to, its structure, but also to its foundation. That foundation is Jesus Christ. Before that foundation could be laid, there had to be a plan, according to which the church was to be built, from its foundation to its chief corner stone, with all the “lively stones” included. The general plan of God with respect to the Universe we call God’s Counsel; His specific plan of the church is called Election. Because this Election took place in eternity, before time began and before the making of the plan of the Universe, “before the foundation of the world”, it is called Eternal Election.

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