Document: McKendree R. Langley, The Practice of Political Spirituality: Episodes from the Public Career of Abraham Kuyper, 1879-1918 (Jordan Station, ON.: Paideia Press, 1984).

Excerpt: In The Practice of Political Spirituality McKendree Langley has provided us with a significant little volume, simply written and very readable, about a subject which ought certainly to be at the heart of every Christian’s interest today. Battles which go much deeper than the legal ones are being waged these days with regard to the separation of Church and State. As institutions, these may well be separate; statecraft (political activity) and spirituality (this in its biblical sense) cannot be. But today there is also the opposite threat of a Christianity that has become so politicized that the dynamic Good News of God, viz. our liberation from the power, guilt and penalty of sin and restoration to a life of fellowship with God and our neighbor, becomes obscured. Is there a third route possible, between the Scylla of other-worldliness and the Charybdis of a politicized Christianity? There is, as Prof. Langley’s book clearly shows — the way of political spirituality.

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