Document: K.J. Popa, “First the Jew but also the Greek”, ANAKAINOSIS, Vol. 6 No. 3 (n.d.).

Excerpt: When in the first century AD the Gospel of God’s Kingdom was preached to the nations of Western Europe, it met with opposition on all sides. This is no reason for amazement; the message of salvation is not according to the flesh. Rather we are surprised that God’s Word, in spite of the rejection which it received everywhere, yet gained so many adherents and confessors that the Word prospered. However we will not understand this increase of the Word correctly, and perhaps confuse the growth of the church with all kinds of worldly success, if we do not take due note of the nature of this rejection, this opposition which resisted the Gospel when it came, and attempted to surpass it, when it had come. It is the purpose of this essay to draw attention especially to the nature of this opposition. Therefore it is meant to be a contribution to the knowledge of the different contra-gospels or antevangelia, which were proclaimed during the first century of the history of the church.

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