Document: L. Praamsma, Before the Face of God: A Study of the Heidelberg Catechism Lord’s Day 25-52 (Jordan Station, ON.: Paideia Press, 1989).

Excerpt: We will now begin to discuss the sacraments. This is a very important topic, so important in fact, that the catechism devotes no less than seven Lord’s Days to it. We should, therefore, study the sacraments carefully. Some Christians would prefer to do without sacraments altogether. The Salvation Army, for example, which in many ways deserves our respect, does not consider the sacraments necessary. They feel that there has been so much disagreement and conflict concerning them, that it’s better to leave them out. However, this is a great mistake and a serious flaw in their reasoning. There have been conflicts in the church with regard to many issues. The problem does not lie with any particular issue, but with the sinful people dealing with each particular issue—people, whose shortsightedness, arrogance and prejudice, often spoil the good gifts of God. We need the sacraments God gave us and must honor them. Why do we need them? Let’s look back at the story of Gideon, a brave man, a hero of faith, who lived during a time when Israel was in sore distress. They had abandoned God, and as punishment He had given them over to the Midianites. These Midianites ravaged the land, coming up with their livestock and tents like swarms of locusts. The Israelites despaired and cried out to the Lord.

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