Document: H. Evan Runner, Christian Philosophic Enterprise in the Light of Biblical Prophecy (n.d.).

Excerpt: I was glad to be a participant in the First International Symposium that was held in 1976 in Driebergen, and now it is very good to be here among you in the Netherlands once again. This is the land where, under men like Professor Klaas Schilder and Professor S. Greydanus at the Kampen Theologische Hogeschool in the academic year 1939-40, and especially under the genial guidance of Professor D. H. T. Vollenhoven and — from a bit more of a distance — Professor H. Dooyeweerd in the years immediately
after World War II, my grasp, my understanding of covenantal religion in the biblical sense greatly deepened and was very much enlarged while for the first time I really familiarized myself with the philosophy that the beloved founders of our Association were developing. Thus this land, through these experiences of mine here, is where the future course of my life was to a large extent determined. This also is the land that gave me my wife of 35 years, the place where our first child was born and spent the first year of his life and made himself ready to speak Dutch, which he still can do. So it is always good to be among Reformed Christians in the Netherlands, and I am delighted that your kind invitation has made yet another visit possible.

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