Document: Andrew Kuyvenhoven, Daylight: Daily Readings with the Bible (St. Catharines, ON.: Paideia Press, 1977).

Excerpt: We do not drift into another year as pieces of wood on the stream of time. The new year is before us as a race to be run. God calls us to the race, and tells us how to run it. “Lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely.” If you try running a race in your wintercoat, you’ll lose it before you start. The coat will hinder your movements. And if you are out of condition, sluggish, and fat, your chances are slim at best. God’s athletes may not carry their sinful habits into the race. They must “lay aside” the worldly cares that grow on Christians as obesity on North Americans. When you are called to the Kingdom, you cannot run for the prize with your arms full of treasures and your heart divided by desires. You must have a single purpose, and you must train to stay in shape. The race is very difficult. Some must “run” while they are sick in bed, others are in the race as businessmen, bracing themselves for the after-Christmas slump, a few are persecuted for their faith by public authorities, and many Christian young people have a few weeks to go before exams or a new term. But all of us are in the race. And all of us must run “by faith.” The stadium of our lives is surrounded by bleachers filled with spectators. They aren’t ordinary spectators. They are all veteran athletes who have run the race. This whole cloud of witnesses tells us to run “by faith.” That’s the secret of the runner. The whole gallery of Hebrews 11 urges us to keep running and to take all the hurdles “by faith.” The focus of our faith is Jesus. “Keep looking at Jesus.” As long as the eye of our faith is fixed on Jesus, we will overcome all obstacles and receive the crown at the finish.

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