Document: James H. Olthuis, The Word of God and Science (Toronto, ON.: Institute for Christian Studies, n.d.).

Excerpt: The problem of the relation of the Bible to science is of fundamental importance for any group of Christians who engage in theoretical work. At the same time this customary formulation of the question, the relation of the Bible to science, is inadequate and requires expansion. The real issue at stake is the relation of the Word of God to science, and not merely, as is often intimated, the relation of the Written Word to science. Only when it is clear as to how we are to conceive of the Word of God, including the Scriptures, is it possible to go on and consider the relation of the Bible and science. For that reason, and since it is becoming increasingly clear that there is no consensus in regard to the nature of the Word, not to say that in general most Christians hold to view of the Word which itself minimizes the Word, this paper will deal largely with this cardinal matter. In conclusion the significance of what is said about the Word for science will be summarized.

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