Document: Ronald L. Roper, An Ancient History (USA: University of Minnesota, 1983).

Excerpt: The following “unsolicited” review of three volumes of a series on ancient history (from c.1500 B.C. to c.300 B.C.) by a single author, is neither an authorized single book review, nor a comparison of three journal articles on the same subject by different authors. It does, however, cover the times of the Sea Raiders, the Saites, the Neo-Babylonians and the Persians; the second two volumes appeared in print about five years ago. This is, in part, a compulsive review. In the fall of 1979, while taking a required class on “Old Testament History” at a theological seminary in St. Louis (having enrolled in a new M.A. program in Exegetical Theology primarily to concentrate on languages, and having moved from California with that determination) I was drawn into the first volume of this series. I had special-ordered it back in my college days (about 1968) but promptly buried it in my library. So I finally decided to capitalize on the dusty tome, only to find myself playing off the author’s position against that of my professor, who was a seasoned and very able scholar of the Old Testament and its surrounding history, and who retired that year.

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