Document: Egbert Schuurman, Reflections on the Technological Society (Toronto, ON.: Wedge Publishing Foundation, 1977).

Excerpt: Western culture, characterized by science and by modern technology, is in a crisis. This is shown not only by the philosophical reflection on our culture, but also by the many problems facing our culture. In this brief volume I have collected a number of lectures that attempt to show the spiritual and historical backgrounds of that crisis. These backgrounds are generally ignored, yet they must be examined if we are to find a meaningful perspective for the future. The first essay is a slightly revised and expanded version of my inaugural lecture at the Technological University of Eindhoven in the fall of 1973; it analyzes the tension in our culture between technocracy and revolution. The second essay deals particularly with the spiritual roots of our environmental crisis. The third essay is a revised version of my inaugural lecture at the technological University of Delft, fall 1975; this essay consists of a critical analysis of the relationship between science and culture. My aim throughout these essays has been to reduce the dilemma facing our civilization to its basic elements. This will prevent rushing into matters of detail and put us in a position to pose the right questions. It will also stimulate us to seek the only sure basis on which we can begin to solve a major issue that plagues our

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