Document: H. Evan Runner, Scriptural Religion and Political Task (Toronto, ON.: Wedge Publishing Foundation, 1974).

Excerpt: We must thank God and take courage. There can no longer be any doubt about it: the signs multiply almost daily which indicate that, whereas in large areas of Christendom the Christian Cause languishes and grows weak from lack of a determination (born always, of course, of faith) to live integrally by the light of the Word of God, and from an almost eager accommodation to the ways (of thought and of action) of the world round about, God has been pleased in our midst to perform a mighty work. In these conferences we are experiencing a recovery of the Word of God in its integral meaning as directing Principle of our whole life, of our ‘walk’ in life, that is of our life-dynamics. Specifically, as students we have been brought to view the whole of the scientific enterprise as a ‘moment’ of our religion, as one particular manner of our whole-hearted response to God Who addresses us in His Word.

Everywhere in the world there are hosts of Christians who have learned how to ‘use’ the Scripture to prove this or that point in Roman Catholic or Arminian, Lutheran or Calvinist theology. There are also a great many Christian students who are seemingly content to memorize, more or less, the materials of their several sciences, in whatever form these materials may have come to assume in the historical development of the modern secular mind—as though scientific thought, and the results obtained thereby,
were autonomous, i.e. unrelated to the root-‘seeing’, the root-‘experiencing’ of religious persons—, at best hemming in such (scripturally) ‘un-reformed’ areas of scientific thought with certain propositions borrowed from the (more or less scripturally-directed) science of theology—so-called theologische Lehnseitze—in an illfated effort to limit the range of influence of the powerful religious drive of apostasy operative in them.

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