Document: Herman Ridderbos, Studies in Scripture & its Authority (Jordan Station, ON.: Paideia Press, 1978).

Excerpt: Serious students of the Bible and concerned church members will welcome the appearance in print of these helpful and interesting essays by Professor Ridderbos. In a day when the interpretation of Scripture is often undertaken apart from a commitment to the church, the author of this book is well known to have matched a place of eminence in the world of biblical scholarship with widespread esteem as a dedicated churchman. It is his experience in the latter context that forms the arena for his discussion in these six chapters. Professor Ridderbos is keenly aware of the issues of belief which trouble the church today. It is his conviction that honestly facing these questions can strengthen the faith of the church and make it more responsive to the needs of the world in which it is called to speak the clear word of Good News. Here, then, are candid and lucid discussions of such disputed topics as the doctrine of Scripture, the person of Christ, the kingdom of God, and the last things. In all of these areas the tension between the “human” element and the “divine” has historically been a source of disagreement. The stress in recent thought has been laid on the human side, with often disconcerting and sometimes devastating results for the peace of the church. Yet the concerns behind these issues may not be ignored out of a false hope that everything will thus be settled. We are grateful for the opportunity presented by the Calvin Foundation to offer these  contributions by Professor Ridderbos to a wider reading public.

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