Document: H. Evan Runner, Christian Philosophic Enterprise in the Light of Biblical Prophecy (n.d.).

Excerpt: When at the beginning of the summer vacation Prof. Radius called me on the telephone to ask if I would prepare something for this faculty-Board Conference, on the subject of the Christian’s relation to the world, I first was very much inclined to beg off. Already I had constructed a plan of work which could have taken all my available vacation hours. After a moment’s reflection, however, I accepted, on the condition that I might approach the topic in a way that would enable me to adjust the preparation for the paper to some of the work I already contemplated doing. That was the agreement, and only later did I see that the topic had been enlarged by the addition of the modifying, explicative phrase: A Statement of Principles. Since to this enlargement I had been no party, I chose to ignore it. Largely, because it is so high sounding. Do not, therefore, expect from this effort a statement of principles. One principle, if it can be nicely got hold of and securely held on to, will satisfy me tremendously, and, I dare say; you too. Moreover, it is a mark of good method, I have learned, rather than to deal hurriedly and superficially with a wide range of interrelated topics, to attempt to come to grips with a more limited number in a whole-hearted way. In this spirit I went to work on the topic generally described as The Christian and the World.

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