Document: H. Van Brummelen, Mathematics in the Christian School (1971).

Excerpt: This report outlines some of the topics that were discussed during a two-week seminar by thirteen participants who, with one exception, were teachers of mathematics from grade 1 all the way up to college level. The survey was compiled for two reasons:

  1. The seminar participants felt it would be useful for them to have an outline of the various topics discussed at the seminar; and
  2. Non-participants may find it helpful in clarifying the issues we face in redesigning the mathematics curriculum for the Christian school, and in indicating the direction we must follow in writing a new curriculum.

The survey is far from exhaustive, and only a small beginning has been made. On the one hand, little work has been done in analyzing the foundations of mathematics from a Christian point of view, and, on the other, we made no attempts as yet to write actual units for use in the classroom. Our aim was to consider the basis and nature of mathematics and of mathematics learning, in order that we might construct a framework for future work in the mathematics curriculum. All of our work is of a tentative nature and the conclusions reached are preliminary ones.

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Mathematics in the Christian School – H. Van Bummelen.pdf