Document: E.L.H. Taylor, Reformation or Revolution (Nutley, NJ.: The Craig Press, 1970).

Excerpt: A madman once ran into the market place calling out, “I seek God.” The bystanders, typifying the majority of modern Western men who do not live as if they really believed in the living God of the Bible, were vastly amused and said to the maniac, “Why? Is God lost? Has he taken a sea voyage? Has he emigrated?” But the madman cried out again, “Where is God gone? I mean to tell you, we have killed him, you and I. We are all his murderers.” Unfortunately, the madman was before his time. The meaning of this parable as related by Nietzsche could not reach his nineteenth century readers. And so the great prophet of modern nihilism tells us the madman went into one church after another and intoned his requiem of the death of God. When asked what he was doing, he replied, “What are these churches now, if they are not the tombs of God.” Nietzsche, with the penetration of genius, had fixed upon the great new phenomenon of post-Christian Western society, the gradual fading out of the consciousness of God from the mind of Western man. He has driven Christ out of Christendom and now lives as if God were indeed dead.

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