Document: J.A.L. Taljaard, Social Theory & Practice (n.d.).

Excerpt: The time has come for students, colleagues and friends to pay homage to Jan Adriaan Louw Taljaard, one of the South African pioneers in philosophy, dedicated to the task of elaborating a vision of reality according to the spirit of God’s Word, and committed to a Christian order of life, wrested from the destructive powers of archaic othodoxy and from both past and contemporary humanism. Taljaard’s philosophical position is “reformed”. His answer to many problems in philosophy as well as in the various scientific disciplines, and especially problems created by the crisis of so-called post-Christian western civilization, has been an endeavour in fellowship with those past and present who believe in the free Word of God. His philosophic ideas developed in close contact with, for example, H.G. Stoker, D.H.T. Vollenhoven, H. Dooyeweerd, S.U. Zuidema, H. van Riessen, C.G. Seerveld, A.H. de Graaff.

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