Document: Peter J. Steen, The Structure of Herman Dooyeweerd’s Thought (Jordan Station, ON.: Wedge Publishing Foundation, 1970).

Excerpt: This dissertation is not intended to repudiate Dooyeweerd’s basic position. It is rather an attempt from within his own school to seek to analyze a problem which is admittedly a difficult problem. Much of the criticism is really only at a beginning stage, but on the basic point of criticism, namely, that Dooyeweerd has accommodated his thinking to the nature-grace religious ground-motive on the issue of created eternity or the supra-temporal, it is hoped that the reader will be persuaded. The study of Dooyeweerd is urgent for Reformed theology if it is to continue to do its work reformationally. Many theologians have dismissed Dooyeweerd’s thinking because of their disagreement with him concerning his idea of supra-temporality. It is hoped that because of this dissertation this can no longer be done, and that the way might be opened for renewed attention for the importance Dooyeweerd’s thinking provides.

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