Document: S.U. Zuidema, “Existentialistic Communication” (n.d.).

Excerpt: In the present day vocabulary of philosophers, theologians, and even of the common people, the word “communication” has come into vogue. Since the publication of Dr. H. Kramer’s studies regarding communication, this word has forced itself also into the vocabulary of the Christian. But to the best of my knowledge, this one word has become a specific term for and of our age by virtue of the fact that Karl Jaspers has introduced it in his many writings in which he defends the idea and practice of communication with warmth and vigor as a deeply human and essential necessity. Dr. Kraemer has followed Jaspers, at least as far as the word “communication” is concerned, and has allowed him to show the way. In order, therefore, to discern clearly the meaning, breadth, climate, and scope of this word, it will be necessary first of all that we sit at the feet of Jaspers and listen carefully to what he has to say. We shall do well to distinguish Jaspers’ idea of communication from his concept of the practice of communication. Even though Jaspers in his writings has the avowed intention to communicate with his readers by means of the idea of communication, nonetheless, this intention cannot preclude the fact that the idea does not coincide with its practice.

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