Document: C. Vanderwaal, Search the Scriptures, Vol. X: Hebrews to Revelation, trans. by Theodore Plantinga (St. Catharines, ON.: Paideia Press, 1979).

Excerpt: Authorship unknown. The King James Bible indentifies the Letter to the Hebrews as an epistle of Paul, but it has been established to the satisfaction of most scholars that Paul was not its author. This letter, which some regard as a long address, has also been attributed to Barnabas or Apollos. Origen observed that God alone knows who wrote it. It is not certain either to whom the letter was addressed. Who were these “Hebrews,” and where did they live? Because 13:24 speaks of “those who come from Italy,” it has sometimes been assumed that the letter was meant for Jewish Christians in Rome. But other scholars have argued that it was addressed to Christians in Jerusalem. Time of writing. There is a good deal of disagreement as well as to when the Letter to the Hebrews was written. Many scholars assume that it was written during the “second generation,” approximately in the year 80. But as we consider this matter, we should note that the original text presupposes that the Jewish worship service was still going on (8:3, 5; 9:6-10; 13:11), although this is not brought out clearly in the translations.

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