Document: C. Vanderwaal, Search the Scriptures, Vol. II: Leviticus to Ruth, trans. by Theodore Plantinga (St. Catharines, ON.: Paideia Press, 1979).

Excerpt: The Mosaic laws. There is a story about Gandhi, the famous Indian leader, that sheds some light on our attitudes toward the Bible. While he was studying in London, Gandhi decided to read the Bible. He found Genesis and Exodus, the first two books, very exciting, but Leviticus put him to sleep. Not until the Gospel according to Matthew and the Sermon on the Mount did he find anything else that held his attention. In our discussion of the Bible, we have now reached the point where Gandhi’s interest in the Book of books began to wane. Professing Christians often show little more interest in all the Mosaic legislation than Gandhi did. Yet, if we hope to attain a proper understanding of the message of the Bible, we must work our way through those laws. We must do so first of all because the entire Bible is God’s Word and demands our attention. Secondly, the gospel of Christ is also revealed in the laws of Moses. The fact that the Letter to the Hebrews cannot be properly understood without a knowledge of the book of Leviticus illustrates this.

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