Document: Al Wolters, “Theses on ‘Word of God'” in ANAKAINOSIS, Vol. 6 No. 3 (1984).

Excerpt: 1. For the purposes of this discussion, the uses of the phrase “Word of God” (and its equivalents) in Scripture can be broadly divided into three classes: a) “Word” (dabar, logos, rhema) = message from God in understandable language. This is by far the most common use. b) “Word” (dabar, logos, rhema) = that by which something in creation is originated, sustained, or governed. There are about half a dozen passages where this use is found. The fiats of God in Genesis 1 also belong here. c) “Word” (logos) = Christ as the divine Son of God. This use is found in two Johannine passages (John 1 and Rev. 19:13). For convenience, I shall refer to these three uses as “semantic,” “cosmological” and “personal” Word.

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