Labour of Love: Essays on Work – Paul Marshall, et al.

Document: Paul Marshall, Edward Vanderkloet, Peter Nijkamp, Sander Griffioen, Harry Antonides, Labour of Love: Essays on Work (Toronto, ON.: Wedge Publishing Foundation, 1980). Excerpt: This collection of essays is a sequel to A Christian Union in Labour's Wasteland published by Wedge in 1978. While both books proceed from the same outlook on modern society, their focus … Continue reading Labour of Love: Essays on Work – Paul Marshall, et al.

Stones for Bread – Harry Antonides

Quite often we face in the Christian community the dilemma of having to choose between the privatism of those who do not see why they should apply their faith to social and political questions and the radical views of others who are certain they ought to apply faith to society in socialistic ways. Harry Antonides finds fault with both these perspectives. The main thrust of his fine book is to examine the roots of the liberal social gospel and expose the current fruit of it in the radical politics of the Catholic bishops and assorted mainline Protestant churchmen.

Multinationals and the Peaceable Kingdom – Harry Antonides

Far too few wish to be reminded today of first principles, that the matrix of our society grows out of the moral parameters of biblical religion - however differently they have been coloured, repackaged and attenuated in secular doctrine. Freedom, equality and community are the values with which we have been indelibly imprinted in the definition of what it is to be a Western society. Antonides takes us back to the moral origins of our community.