Reflections on the Technological Society – Egbert Schuurman

Document: Egbert Schuurman, Reflections on the Technological Society (Toronto, ON.: Wedge Publishing Foundation, 1977). Excerpt: Western culture, characterized by science and by modern technology, is in a crisis. This is shown not only by the philosophical reflection on our culture, but also by the many problems facing our culture. In this brief volume I have collected … Continue reading Reflections on the Technological Society – Egbert Schuurman

Christians in Babel – Egbert Schuurman

This book calls attention to our culture's advances in science and technology. I plan to focus on the problems and threats which accompany this development, problems engendered by phenomena such as nuclear energy, nuclear weapons, computer technology, unemployment. bio-technology, genetic manipulation, environmental pollution. the depletion of natural resources and energy sources, the legalization of abortion, and the demand for world government.